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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview

From AllThingsDigital:

The great Silicon Valley soap opera has come full circle. Not since Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously interviewed Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates as a possible suitor during the "Macintosh Dating Game" back in 1984 have the two men appeared in a joint bill. And at D5, the two shared a stage tonight for the first time in more than 20 years for what promises to be a historic discussion.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Prologue
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Part 1
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Part 2
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Part 3
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Part 4
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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Part 7

Dell entering the Tablet PC market

Dell has just announced that they will be entering the Tablet PC market later this year.

Visually it's a nice looking machine, and it does somewhat go against the recent trend for heavier convertible Tablets, like the Protégé M400 (bigger and heavier than the M200).

So what do I want from this? Screen resolution wider than 1024 pixels when in portrait mode, so something like 1400x1050 like the M200. Although it looks like the shot in the video had perhaps 900 pixels wide, so if I'm right can we have an option for higher resolution screen please?

Lighter weight than the Protégé M200, or at least no heavier.

4 hour or greater battery life (with Wi-Fi turned on).

Any moderately OK specs will do me, I'd like a decent graphics accelerator but that's not essential.

Release it in the UK and you'll probably have my money.

Halo 3 release date and countdown sidebar gadget

Microsoft have announced that Halo 3 will start shipping on Tuesday the 25th of September, the European release will be Wesnesday the 26th of September. So I've released a Vista sidebar gadget for Halo 3.

Halo 3 countdown sidebar gadget

It's pretty simple, it countdowns to the release date. There's two versions for each region North America and Europe (126KB), download from Microsoft's gadget gallery North America and Europe.

Switching from Mac OS to Windows Vista

I came across a recent blog entry by Nik Cubrilovic covering his recent switch from Mac OS to Windows Vista.

I have been running Vista for a little less than 24 hours and I can’t believe I didn’t switch back sooner, the main difference is that the interface is much much smoother and neater and despite popular belief performance is actually fantastic. I was used to waiting on Mac OS X while my standards apps would open up - Quicksilver, Firefox, Skype, etc. but Vista goes almost straight into the desktop and most apps boot very quickly.

I didn’t expect it to be like this, I didn’t want Vista to be this good - I was expecting to boot back into OS X and living happily ever after, but damn, this is one fast, slick and nice operating system. If you are a Mac user try it yourself, install boot camp and Vista and it will feel like you just added another CPU and doubled your RAM - I can’t see any evidence for any of the reports of Vista being slow or power-hungry.

He goes on to talk about Media Center, WMP, security and a few other topics. It's always good to get some feedback from somebody who has been out of the Windows world for a while.

Of course, the Apple fanatics were on station ready to respond:

Your claim about the advantages of Vista sounds like the generic MS BS we’ve been seeing for those same 20 years– no actual advantages that can be verified, just claims. (And as someone who has been forced to used every MS OS, this supposed improvement to the UI is something I’ve never experienced.) You’re not fooling me…. but you have lost me from your feed. Caio.

Talk about pathetic, but well you only need to read some of the comments on my blogs when I've touched on Apple to see how pathetic they really are. At least this guy didn't use "M$".

Another laptop stolen

This time with payroll data of ten thousand NHS staff on. The machine had a password on it but no other security information was disclosed, I suspect the data wasn't encrypted, therefore the thief only needs to put the hard drive into another machine to access the data.


The amount of stolen laptops with personal information on is getting ridiculous, and this is where BitLocker and a TPM can help.

BitLocker ensures that data stored on a computer running Windows Vista remains encrypted even if the computer is tampered with when the operating system is not running. This helps protect against "offline attacks," attacks made by disabling or circumventing the installed operating system, or made by physically removing the hard drive to attack the data separately.

With the NHS spending billions of pounds on an IT overhaul, it is obvious that steps like these need to be taken to secure personal information, especially when on mobile machines which are easily lost or stolen.

Many NHS Trusts have already looked at deploying BitLocker technology, I think it the wake of this it is the obvious solution and that it should be rapidly deployed.

This of course goes for all private companies that think it is a good idea to store tens of millions of customers' credit card information unprotected on laptops, from a quick Google search it looks like the highest number stolen on a single laptop has been 45.6 million.

The technologies exist to help resolve this problem and they should be deployed, I fear the private sector will, unlike the NHS, drag their feet for years perhaps even a decade to come and millions more items of personal information will gradually leak out wrecking more people's lives.

Tech companies and political donations

I see that Robert McLaws has done some digging to come up with the donations that tech company's employees have made to the two right-wing US political parties, the currently reigning Republican Party, and the Democratic Party.

Google's employees it turns out is the most politically active, not that surprising really, with over $50 000 donated in total, Microsoft coming in second with just over $40 000.

All the tech companies Robert covered gave more to the Democrats, except two, can you guess which? Yep, Adobe and Apple employees have given more to the Republicans.

It's interesting to see the ratios of support within each company. Google, Yahoo being heavily Democratic. Microsoft being largely Democratic and Apple being slightly Republican.

I wonder if I can get any of them to donate for my political campaign.

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