I must admit, I’m starting to get a little buried under the number of features being added to Microsoft Edge. To the point where I feel they need to add a minimum-install option to counter some of the bloat.

However, the cryptocurrency wallet is probably one of the better features, certainly better than searching the web for shopping vouchers. Hopefully come the next crypto cycle it’ll be ready and help drive cryptocurrency into the mainstream by bringing “web3” direct to the browser.

Only real questions are how susceptible is this going to be to dodgy websites impersonating another? Will that alone cause more bad headlines featuring users that don’t really know what they’re doing getting scammed. Obviously happens with bank cards, but that isn’t newsworthy - and at least banks can stop or refund fraudulent transactions!

Crypto wallet welcome screen for internal testers

Crypto wallet screen showing available balances, definitely supports Ethereum mainnet

Crypto wallet transaction UI

Any chance we could get a decent RSS reader back in the browser please?