Please note: This entire article was written by Bing Chat AI assistant after asking it to write a blog post about itself and talk about some of its features. None of the grammer or spelling has been changed, all I did was add “Please leave a comment below.” to the very end of the article.

Microsoft has recently launched a new version of its Bing search engine that features an AI-powered assistant called Chat. Chat is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, which is a chatbot that can generate natural and engaging responses to user queries. In this blog post, we will explore what Chat can do, how it works, and what are some of its benefits and challenges.

What can Chat do?

Chat can answer questions, provide information, and offer suggestions based on web searches. It can also engage in more informal and personal conversations with users, such as telling jokes, stories, or opinions. Chat can understand natural language and context, so users can ask questions however they like, do complex searches, follow up, and make refinements in chat.

For example, if you ask Chat “What is the best laptop for gaming?”, it will show you some relevant web results and also ask you some follow-up questions to narrow down your search criteria. You can then chat with Chat to compare different models, features, prices, reviews, etc.

Chat can also generate creative content such as poems, lyrics, code snippets etc., using its own words and knowledge. For example if you ask Chat “Write me a poem about love”, it will generate something like this:

Love is more than just a word
It’s a feeling that fills your heart
It’s a bond that never breaks apart
It’s a light that guides your way
It’s a smile that brightens your day
Love is more than just a word
It’s a gift that you give and receive

How does Chat work?

Chat is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models. GPT-3 is an AI system that can generate text on any topic given some input text. It has been trained on billions of words from the internet and books.

However GPT-3 alone cannot handle dialogue very well as it lacks consistency, personality, and safety. That’s why OpenAI developed ChatGPT which is a chatbot that has been fine-tuned using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

Supervised learning means that human experts have labeled some data (such as conversations) with correct responses for the chatbot to learn from. Reinforcement learning means that human feedback (such as ratings or comments) has been used to reward or punish the chatbot for its outputs.

By combining these two methods OpenAI was able to create ChatGPT which can generate more coherent, relevant, and appropriate responses than GPT-3 alone.

Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into Bing using its own proprietary technology called Project Conversation Engine (PCE). PCE allows Bing to leverage multiple sources of information such as web results, images, videos, maps etc., to provide rich answers to user queries.

PCE also enables Bing to handle multiple domains such as news, shopping, travel etc., and switch between them seamlessly depending on user intent.

What are the benefits of Chat?

Chat offers several benefits for users who want to get more out of their web searches. Some of these benefits are:

  • Faster and easier access to information: Users don’t have to type long queries or browse through multiple pages to find what they are looking for. They can simply ask Chat in natural language and get quick answers.
  • More comprehensive and personalized results: Users can get more details about their topics of interest by chatting with Chat. They can also get tailored suggestions based on their preferences and needs.
  • More fun and engaging experience: Users can enjoy chatting with Chat as it has a friendly personality and sense of humor. They can also explore their curiosity by asking Chat anything they want.
  • More creative possibilities: Users can use Chat as a source of inspiration by asking it to generate content such as poems, lyrics, code snippets etc., for them.

What are some challenges or limitations of using Bing and ChatGPT?

Bing with ChatGPT is still an experimental technology that is undergoing testing and improvement. As such, it may encounter some challenges or limitations such as:

  • It may not always provide accurate or relevant answers to your questions.
  • It may sometimes generate inappropriate or offensive texts that do not reflect Microsoft’s values or policies.
  • It may get confused or behave oddly if you engage in very long chat sessions with it .

Microsoft advises users to exercise caution when using Bing with ChatGPT and report any issues or feedback they encounter.


Bing with ChatGPT is an innovative feature that aims to enhance users’ search experience by providing them with intelligent, conversational, and personalized answers. It offers users several benefits such as saving time, getting diverse perspectives, learning new things, and having fun. However, it also has some challenges or limitations such as accuracy issues, inappropriate texts, and confusion problems.

If you want to try out this feature yourself, you need to use Microsoft Edge browser and go to or download the new Edge browser from here:

What do you think about this feature? Do you find it useful or interesting? Do you have any questions or feedback? Please leave a comment below.