Tesco have introduced fees to use their electric vehicle chargers! I can finally get to the chargers on my Saturday morning grocery shop!

I’ve had an electric vehicle for a couple of years now, back in the good old days there was myself and one other guy using the chargers every Saturday morning, we’d get maybe 4 or 5 kWh of electric for free while we were there doing the shop - enough for around 20 miles of range, not a big deal but nice to have every week. Over the last couple of years its obviously gotten busier as EV ownership has rocketed - to the point where all electric charging bays at Tesco were full, pretty much all the time.

Of course, mainly because they were free - paid for chargers are never that busy!

I had a bit of a rant on Zap Map eight months ago about people literally just abusing the chargers - they were always supposed to be for Tesco customers, so they could get a bit of free electric during their shop.

My thoughts on this on Zap Map review eight months ago

Probably since the start of this year, genuine people literally had little chance of using them for the intended purpose, at least where I live in Worthing. Things were probably slightly quieter during the week, but the temptation is always there to just plug your car in all day and leave it.

Anyway the 7kW chargers like at my Tesco are now 28p per kWh, frankly that’s still a pretty good deal to a lot of people, and the people that need to use them might actually be able to now. The pikey gits that ruined it for everyone can get stuffed! 😂 I’ll enjoy parking in the nice big EV bays again.