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In response to: Users with hacked consoles banned from Xbox Live - oh noes

Comment from: error code 0x80072ee7 Visitor

error code 0x80072ee7

Microsoft have always banned modified consoles from Xbox Live for the last 7 years since the service was launched has anyone given it this much coverage when the other batches of users were banned?

14th November 2018 @ 11:56

In response to: The bible doesn't say the Earth floats in space

Comment from: ALEXANDER Visitor


Here's more proof towards the fact. Satan brings Jesus high up on a mountain and shows him all the kingdoms. This suggests that earth is flat because on a flat earth the higher you go the more you see such as a watch tower. but if it's a round you'll just see the horizons and the Bible makes clear In most aspects of describing but when it comes to claims there's no clarity. Which I personally think it odd

2nd October 2017 @ 19:01

In response to: Why do stars have a cross shape through them?

Comment from: Randy Visitor


These reason for the cross in all stars are false.
The telescope lens has nothing to do it.

The crosses are a form of radiation of all stars.
A star is a large photon of radiation or electromagnetic

6th December 2016 @ 05:47

In response to: Why evolution must be taught in school

Comment from: Wilberstone Visitor


MrBooyah - I'm glad to see someone else is thinking about all the 'carbon dating' issues. These people are so full of garbage pail- mathematical malarkey, if anyone honest enough, would simply bother themselves to investigate their necessary novel math-theories they've been FORCED to invent, just to keep pushing the carbon-dated-materials-clock back, as far as they possibly can . . . then we'd all finally see, they haven't got a single leg to stand on, much less, a mudfish, a monkey, or anything else they insist we've "Evolved' from?
The bottom line is, when ever "science" is backed into a corner via one of their outlandish schemes, whether it be "global warming" - conveniently REPACKAGED as climate change, DUH, climate has ALWAYS changed, however, the necessity for stupidity remains where it's always been. . . thrown on the backs of anyone who loves the Creator or, anyone who sees the fallacies within science. e.g. Scientists have always relied on an EXTREMELY ARROGANT proclamation that, "they're smarter than everyone else, and insisting that, anyone who doesn't agree with them, is inherently stupid. What irony and arrogance, considering, we'd have never made it, "scientifically" to the 20th century, had it not been for all those "stupid Christians" who kept pushing the limits of their own and others' intelligence. . . . and the same exact arrogance is still the necessary, unexplained monkey on the backs of scientists today.
Of course, whenever they're backed into said corner, and whenever they lie with yet another novel theory, it always pushes back whatever timetable is attached to the inquiry at hand. WHY? For the sole purpose of being able to arrogantly rely on time? Time tables that they've now pushed into extremely absurd and impossible for ANYONE TO PROVE (including themselves) and then say: oh, this and thus is simply too complex and so long ago, we'll probably never be able to explain it. Wow, what insightful confessions in this arena we have on record? SCIENCE is the one who jumped us from a "roughly" 10,000 year old time table, then to a million, ten million, 25 million, 50, 150, 300 million, etc., and each one, trapping themselves with certifiable insanity in their proclamations. In the time I was being brainwashed by our yet to be fully communized NEA, we jumped from millions, to BILLIONS of years in the proverbial timetables of life. And aren't they now into TRILLIONS - on "some" things?
They claim what I and millions of others say on these matters is ignorance, they insist they've got the wiz-dumb, the technology, the ability to make such claims, yet, the very same people who make the mathematical models for these unprovable claims, also "invent" the math to make forecasting models, earthquake models, hurricane models, etc., etc., etc...
They've not gotten our forecast correct YET, in the decades I've been tracking their claims and comparing it to actualities, what kind of empowered arrogance is it that makes them (or us) think their calculations on historic records can work any better?
Again, the same as ALGORY'S "global-warming" having to be turned into climate change because climate changes and no one can rebuke that, henceforth, when ALGORY stands up and confesses ALL the lies related to that communist driven panacea, I might start listening to some other rhetoric they've invented. You can remove every single person from this planet, and it's not going to "change" the climate any more or less than if we stayed.
Beyond tree ring data proven to be linked to onsite artifacts, bones etc., these freaks have NO CLUE whatsoever, if their carbon dating scandal is 0% or 100% accurate - AND THEY KNOW IT! They have no way of KNOWING, NO WAY OF BEING CERTAIN, when, where, why, etc., cataclysmic events, or especially long term trickling effects or instantaneous event(s), depreciated or increased their levels of literally hundreds, if not thousands of variables used to calculate and refine their data on carbon dating. A "well placed" lightening bolt in one of their digs, would physically alter EVERY CALCULATION they use, and they have no way of knowing whether or not it, or something else occurred at any or all digs. The only thing that takes imagination to believe, is their arrogant lies!

31st March 2016 @ 12:12

In response to: d3dx9.dll is missing or not found or installed

Comment from: Sanuja vinsuka Visitor

Sanuja vinsuka

This is my first game disc because I have Apple Mac burps previous week I get a new dell laptop .so I tired to play cod 4 from it .but it reported error message . And thanks for give me information,I hope it would be work

11th December 2015 @ 01:08

Hi All

This has worked for me by changing the Systems Configuration. I knew there was a reason why I cut my hair short, to stop me from pulling it out, because I would have none left if it was not cut short.
It appears there are many problems that affect various computers with sound, one has to keep searching and trying to understand beyond basic, if possible to fix there sound problems.

Thanks a million.

4th December 2015 @ 22:55

In response to: A look at the Windows "8" Task Manager

Comment from: edem Visitor


I am trying to install conflict global storm (2005) on my Pc using windows 8 OS. but i keep getting error messages first it was a binkw32.dll and after getting that i got another system error message " entry point _Bink DX8Surface Type@4 could not be located in the dynamic link library" .

What can i do?

4th February 2015 @ 15:55

"Creationists are either dumb delusional or misled. Explain dinosaurs. Yep you can't. Dragons? where the heck are the wings? How in the world is that T-rex gonna fly, even with wings? And how the heck is the world is the wold population gonna start from only two people? That's a lot of inbreeding, and how come we don't have 3 legs or 20 toes by now?

Have you ever been to India?"

Sure it might happen in some areas but the fact that is not common in all societies leads your argument invalid.

A dying theory? Yeah right. Deny it and preach your biblical crap all you want. just because you deny something or don't want something to be true doesn't mean that it's not and just because you beleive something because its the xsimplest and easiest way to understand something means nothing. Your inability to comprehend evolution does not make it fake.

19th January 2015 @ 06:36

In response to: Holy Combat

Comment from: (Totally Not) Leigh Avidan Visitor

(Totally Not) Leigh Avidan

Sup, brah! I see that so many of you are feelin' real upset over this totally fucking rad mock-up of a game featuring the greatest Jew to ever live.
Even though I dug the motherfucking Qumran Caves, I can admit when another Jew makes something of great importance.

Rock on, Jesus!

3rd December 2014 @ 04:13