Some links for Nick's car

Couple of links for Nick to check out, couple of videos and some blogs of other Carputer people. (interview with the dude who's blog follows). (not updated in ages).

Picture time

My first ever picture taken with the new phone.

Blogging from my C500

Yup major improvement over the V600. More to come soon.

Switch - oh wait switch back!

Apple are still advertising their dual 2.0Ghz PowerPC chip as being faster then a 3.6Ghz Pentium 4.

I wonder how their legions of fanboys who claimed this to be the truth, that PowerPC wiped the floor with x86, will react at the news that they were wrong all along, and that we were right?

Apple are switching to Intel, time for them to launch a campaign getting their Mac users to switch back.

I said I wouldn't

But I've ordered the SPV C500. Managed to get 50 for my V600, so that brings the price down to 90 which is more acceptable for a phone that will last me 6 months or so and with the rumours of the WMP10 firmware update around. Still got to pay to unlock it as I'll be using it on O2.

Gone for a 1GB Mini SD card, which I can also use to boot my Tablet if the install ever goes south - without buying an external drive, or messing around with a network install.

Name servers down

As about 50 people have pointed out to me, some of the websites aren't working. That's correct the two name servers that handle the effected sites and are not behaving.

As far as I can tell they've been down for about an hour. They had better be up soon.

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