Avoiding the invalid date error with b2evo

I know this has been going on for sometime, since 1.8.x I believe and is present in the 1.9.x builds too, to save me having to tell everyone hosted here:

Under some conditions, such as editing a post under a locale that's not m/d/y the system will return invalid date.

I avoid this by changing my user to English (US), this puts the post by default as English (US). However you can easily change the language on the entry itself back to English (UK) when composing your post without being tripped up by the invalid date error.

The Bi-Weekly Creationism

This is a real shame; I was hoping the Daily Creationism was going to be updated on a much more regular basis, perhaps even in line with its name. I subscribe to this blog and well, I get one or two updates come down and that's it.

Disappointing after months of silence and then a re-launch I was hoping for something more, something fresh, but we've had a few rehashed arguments, disproven a hundred years ago.

The author of the Daily Creationism who hides his identity also hasn't addressed my question from a couple of weeks back, I welcome him to provide an answer.

I see there's been a few changes to his (I assume) site, some new links to some creationist videos, I don't know who the guy is in these is, but wow how boring, at least Hovind was funny in a duh duh way and I could perhaps get through 10 or 20 minutes of nonsense, but this guy, I can't even watch for more than a few minutes because I just get so bored.

I remember an entry a while back now saying he went to Lyme Regis and was debating people, "scientists" I think he called them on the beach. Now usually I'm against debating with creationists, they can spread more nonsense faster than it can be cleaned up, but I'll challenge the Daily Creationism author to a debate. His remarks about making "sure to get a blue one and a pink one LOL" (referring to dinosaurs on Noah's Ark) has made me so confident about the outcome of this debate that I'll ignore the general rule and go for it, maybe he'll learn something about how to distinguish between different genders too.

Halo 3 spotted on Xbox Live

Those familiar with Bungie Studios will probably be aware of the long tradition of Pimps at Sea. Some might remember it as being an April fool's joke one year (they announced they were producing a pirate game called Pimps at Sea). It's also been used to refer to games that are currently in development.

Pimps at Sea (Alpha) - Halo 3 spotted on Xbox Live

Well as you can see (assuming the image hasn't been doctored) people are playing Pimps at Sea (Alpha). Could this be Halo 3, which is due for a public beta of multiplayer in just a few months time? Some people think so.

Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 vs Wii at Call of Duty 3

I saw this video over on Tech Puddle, but it looks like their server is down as I've not been able to access so I'll link the video from here too. I thought it was pretty interesting, ignoring the fact you're trying to compare graphics quality on a YouTube video.

What do you think? The PlayStation 3 version looks really washed out and doesn't have the details of the Xbox 360 version, and according to the reviews it has a lower frame rate too. The Wii version looked a lot better than I was expecting, but still lagging behind both.

Life in orbit around Saturn

A couple of months back the Cassini spacecraft took the following spectacular image of Saturn. This image is actually composed of 165 individual images in total all stitched together and taken over several hours, the reason it looks so weird compared to other images of Saturn you have seen in the past is this was taken during an artificial solar eclipse, the team positioned Cassini on the opposite side of Saturn to the Sun.

The planet Saturn and its rings

Not only can you see Saturn, some of its moons and the rings lit up by the sunlight passing through them you can also make out our tiny planetary home the Earth and its satellite the Moon, which can be seen as a pale blue dot just above the outer most bright ring (the A ring) on the left hand side of Saturn.

Cassini took this picture of the southern hemisphere of Enceladus and found warm patches on the ice (the greenish tinge on the image), we know the surface of Enceladus is quite young because of the lack of impact craters, however from this information we could deduce that Enceladus is still geologically active and like Jupiter’s satellite Europa may have a liquid ocean beneath the ice covered surface. The real killer piece of evidence came for this later on in the mission; Cassini actually photographed an eruption taking place on Enceladus’ surface. This makes it only the 3rd known body in the solar system to be geologically active.

Cracks on Enceladus' surface Enceladus blowing water off into space

Water is actually being blown off the world and out into space and these eruptions are emanating from the cracks in the surface. This material is actually responsible for forming Saturn’s E ring, the large outmost ring in the above image. Due to the energy required to do this Enceladus probably has a body of liquid water beneath the surface. That gives us the two main ingredients we need for life, water and heat. Could there be life under Enceladus’ surface? We have similar conditions here on the bottom of our oceans, you can go for miles and miles across the baron seabed until you come across an undersea thermal vent and find it positively teeming with life, they extract all the energy they need from the vent. Astro-biologists consider these sorts of environments the most likely places for life to exist out in the solar system.

If Enceladus does have life on it, some of that life is surely being blown off into the E ring, what a wondrous thought that is; Saturn’s rings are actually partially composed of frozen microbes.

What's new in Windows Vista

I get asked what's new in Vista, or why is it better than Windows XP quite a bit, the trouble is, there's just so many new or improved features that make it better than Windows XP. So from now on I'll be recommending this:

Windows Vista Product Guide

If you want to know what's new in Windows Vista, there's nothing more in-depth than the Windows Vista Product Guide. Available as a 61MB Word file or 25MB XPS document.

For those using Word 2000-2003 make sure to download the Office Compatibility Pack to enable them to open the new Office 2007 XML file formats.

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