Lord Fargoth

As some of you know I run the Oblivion Portal a fan site dedicated to the game Oblivon, which is part of the Elder Scrolls series of role playing games developed by Bethesda Softworks.

Well to start the story I think it's wise to go back to their previous game Morrowind. When you first started the game you found a ring in a barrel. This ring belonged to Fargoth, one of the first people you run into when you begin. Being an open RPG you can give him back the ring or keep it, if you give him it back, you get the option to get it back later on.

Personally I always took the ring, for a low level character I found it quite useful being able to restore say anywhere from 20-25 health points, which can be half of one's health when they start off. It also recharges fairly quickly which in my opinion makes it very useful. So yes I always either kept the ring or stole it later.

Fargoth is a wood-elf, read highly annoying, whiny, the kind of people that stick in your mind. Due to your early interactions with him I'd say he's probably the most well known character in Morrowind.

So what was I thinking when I was desperately trying to think up any old stuff to shove on my Oblivion site? Hmmm why not have Fargoth return as the final boss in Oblivion, so I wrote a short paragraph to cover the time between Morrowind and Oblivion. Now I do this a lot, I've actually got one of my mates listed as the final boss on my Doom 3 site, and yes I had some pretty strange comments about that "what really? You've got to be kidding right?".

Anyway this of course got out and caused quite a stir on the official Elder Scrolls boards. Yes people honestly believed it. Despite it being probably the most ridiculous thing ever conceived, well that didn't stop them.

So here I am to announce my shock that so many people took it seriously and to admit to the world, it's fake! I made it up for a laugh! Do you really think Bethesda is that stupid to have Lord Fargoth an insane 4 foot tall whiny wood-elf as the final boss and ruler of all Oblivion?

iTunes rip off exposed

Well it had to happen eventually. The Office of Fair Trading have passed Apple's iTunes service on to the European Commission on grounds it's ripping off it's UK customers.

"We're campaigning for free movement of goods and services in Europe and we'll take on any company, or group of companies, that seek to carve up the market to their benefit."

To buy music through iTunes in the UK costs 20% more then in France or Germany.

MSN Music charge 99 cents in Europe and 69p here. The same price. As do all the other stores I've had a quick look through.

So what are you doing Apple?

I hope they throw the book at them, and the bookcase to follow. We've long been ripped off, so what's new you say? We've always been able to import goods from Europe. But Apple block UK customers from other European iTunes sites, that's one step too far. I hope Brussels makes them understand that the European Union is a single market and all member states should receive the same service for the same price, and they won't tolerate companies trying to break the union for their own petty gains, something we in the UK have had to suffer from for too long.

Anti-Big Bang forces at it again

Recently NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory detected solid (well as solid as anything gets in this arena) evidence that one of the most distant quasar lies 12.7 billion light years away.

The anti-Big Bang crowd have gone into overdrive over this, claiming that the Big Bang theory is "obviously wrong" as how could something like a quasar form so quickly after the Big Bang, which is estimated to of happened 13.7 billion years ago.

They're claiming that a billion years is far too early for such an object to form. Personally I don't see any reason why it is too early, new evidence shows we've already got large clusters of matter forming by that time frame (galaxies in early development), so why not super-massive black holes to go with them?

Holy Combat

Halo Holy Combat

Knock-down blow for Sony

The next-generation DVD war has entered a new phase, the Blu-ray format largely from Sony has been gathering momentum for sometime now, seemingly unaffected by the HD-DVD format being ratified by the DVD consortium. Going from last week it would seem that Blu-ray would win the format war.

However things have changed. The HD-DVD (High-Definition Digital Versatile Disc) largely from Toshiba and NEC has won a massive victory, 3 major film studios have just announced their support for the new format, Paramount, Universal and Warner Brothers join ranks along side New Line Cinema. This compares with The Sony owned studios (Sony Pictures Entertainment and MGM Studios). Twentieth Century Fox is still evaluating the formats.

This brings support for HD-DVD into the spotlight. Now the majority of studios, will support the new format. The trouble now is, will Sony carry on fighting like they did with Betamax? Or will they just put Blu-ray onto the back burner and continue to develop it for future storage? Let's hope the latter, the reason the CD and the DVD has been so successful is because everybody supported it. The DVD-RW/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM format war seriously damaged uptake of writable DVD formats, we don't need a repeat performance.

Trouble brewing in the Ukraine

Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition leader in the Ukraine has shown his total hypocrisy, throughout his campaign he was constantly singing the tune of "democracy", he lost the election - 46.61% of the vote, compared with 49.46% for Viktor Yanukovych. Now he speaks of rebellion, turning his back on democracy completely because the people refused to support him.

All the talk of electoral fraud is based on the exit-polls (which were financed and organized from the US), which did show a victory for Yushchenko, of course this is completely irrelevant and unofficial. The exit-polls in the recent US election showed that Kerry won! Both sides pre-election agreed to the composition of the Central Election Commission, now they've lost they of course proclaim it to be corrupt.

The opposition is primarily composed of five ex-prime-ministers and 10 ex-ministers, all of which were fired for corruption and also five oligarchs. Hardly the rosy bunch of the western media portrays. But then of course, they only show the few thousands in Kiev protesting in favour of Yushchenko, they don't show the hundreds of thousands of Yanukovych supporters in Donetsk, Simferopol or Kharkiv do they?

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