Not the brightest spark

A few days ago now, while I was at work. Someone came up to me with a copy of Dead or Alive Ultimate, he said he'd like to return it because the graphics aren't "smooth".

OK so I wandered over to the till area and checked the discs to make sure they were in mint condition, while I was doing this, he looked up and said, "I only played the first disc, didn't even touch the second disc".

Now Dead or Alive Ultimate, includes both Dead or Alive, the original near decade old Saturn game, which is a direct port and is really just a bonus disc. The main game itself, is Dead or Alive 2, ported from the Dreamcast and totally recreated with the Dead or Alive 3 engine, which brings it up to the best looking game on the Xbox.

So this guy wonders why the graphics aren't smooth? You're playing a ten year old Saturn game mate. Here, look Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate - this is the bloody game you dimwit!

Broadband stupidity

Last month Demon, my ISP, introduced a new 1Mbps product range. HomeOffice 1000, priced at only £1 more then I'm currently paying for 500Kbps. Good deal if you ask me.

Within a week I fax of a upgrade form. I wait 3 weeks hear nothing. Get onto them last night only to find out that the upgrade was put onto their system - but removed 2 days later. Phone them up today only to find out that 'Demon Express' cannot be upgraded to HomeOffice 1000, despite the fact that Demon Express Total (the newer product that is identical to Demon Express) can be.

So apparently my only option is to cancel, which would probably leave me without a connection for 2 weeks may be even more and order HomeOffice 1000. I'd probably lose my hostname, my e-mail addresses, my IP address. Pretty much everything.

I must say BT's business 2Mbps uncapped ADSL line at £29.99 looks tempting.

Anyone know of any uncapped and unrestricted, 1Mbps or higher, static IP products priced at around £30? I'd rather not go with BT as they do have a habit of kicking people off for no reason.

Tell 'em where to go Ken

Ken Livingstone is once again under attack by the right-wing press. In this case the Evening Standard and it's sister paper the Daily Mail.

What's he done this time? Called a journalist who had been pestering him and trying to get some kind of rise out of him someone who behaves like a "concentration camp guard".

It turns out the journalist is Jewish, well so he claims, I wouldn't be surprised if it was entirely made up just to try and get some kind of story going on. Apparently he's offended, he really sounded offended during the incident. Even more the Board of Deputies of British Jews has demonstrated it's total stupidity by lodging an official complaint.

Somehow, Ken's remarks are "racist". What frakking bullshit is this? Racist? How on Earth is likening someone to a "concentration camp guard" racist? Even if he used something anti-Jewish in what he said, the Jews aren't a race, they're a bunch of religious people like any other bunch of religious people, Christians, Muslims whatever. BUT he DIDN'T say something anti-Jewish, he said something anti-"concentration camp guard" which I don't think anybody would have a problem with, they weren't the nicest of people - much like this journalist.

It's also interesting to point out that the Daily Mail was probably the most pro-Nazi paper in the country, always supporting the Nazis in Germany (well until the war started) and the British Nazi Party and showing lots of similarities with today's British National Party. So who the hell are they to talk?

To port or not to port

I dug out an old application I wrote for RISC OS the other day, if you knew me back when I was 12 or 13, you could well remember this massive un-finished project of mine.

It was called The Night Sky (yes obvious infringements there) it spanned about 10, 1.6MB floppy disks, and what did it do? It was a simple astronomy program that spouted out lots of information about constellations, and various major objects in the sky.

It was never completed, Windows 95 was pushing it's way onto the scene and I found myself with a PC, bye bye RISC OS. The application was stuck on a hard drive and put away in the cupboard. Where it stayed about 70% complete.

Then it hit me, why not re-develop the application for Windows? Well it's got some bad points, it would have to be totally re-rewritten, I'd have to think of a new name. But then it has some good points, it'll run in a window and you'll be able to use a mouse!

I'd guess it would take about 150 hours to develop the application for Windows. Should I, or shouldn't I?

Zen Micro back for more

Creative's Zen Micro

So good I had to get a second one. White this time - an improvement on the purple one!

The filth and the fury of the Apple loyal

Here's an interesting article on I came across, I'll quote the best bits of it:

Hell hath no fury like a Mac user scorned. Run an article about Apple and you usually get a steady trickle of reader comments. Run one that questions or criticises any aspect of Apple strategy, products or leadership and the trickle becomes a deluge. And the accusations of 'Mac bashing' soon follow.

Apple has a fiercely loyal fan base that would be the envy of any other company on the planet and which helped sustain the company's fortunes through the dark days and into its current age of relative plenty.

Mac users have traditionally viewed themselves as being separate from the rest of the pack and renown for 'thinking different'. Within the fan base exists a highly vocal minority which tolerates no criticism of its beloved company and attacks any real (or indeed imagined) slight of Apple in online fora with savage intensity.

It's this minority that seems to be under some form of mass hypnosis - perhaps some far-reaching extension of Steve Jobs' 'reality distortion field' - thinking that Apple can do no wrong and is a panacea for all the IT wrongs in the world.


[After] these [not pro Apple] articles were posted, the floodgates opened and the abuse poured in. They say a great many comments were edited for language, while others were simply deleted because the contents were deemed inappropriate.

A few of my articles have suffered from that sort of thing!

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