Hey JC try .NET

John Carmack wrote recently in his blog about developing for mobile devices, in his case a mobile phone with Java support.

It turns out that I’m a lot less fond of Java for resource-constrained work. I remember all the little gripes I had with the Java language, like no unsigned bytes, and the consequences of strong typing, like no memset, and the inability to read resources into anything but a char array, but the frustrating issues are details down close to the hardware.

The biggest problem is that Java is really slow. On a pure cpu / memory / display / communications level, most modern cell phones should be considerably better gaming platforms than a Game Boy Advanced. With Java, on most phones you are left with about the CPU power of an original 4.77 mhz IBM PC, and lousy control over everything.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at java byte code disassembly while optimizing my little rendering engine. This is interesting fun like any other optimization problem, but it alternates with a bleak knowledge that even the most inspired java code is going to be a fraction the performance of pedestrian native C code.

May be you should consider using a Windows Mobile device, for a start on average they're much faster then other more common mobile phones and going that route you have the best of both worlds, you can compile natively for ARM (which most WM devices are), or you could use something like the .NET Compact Framework - sure it won't be quite as fast as native code but you'll get to cut out a lot of the standard boiler plate rubbish and get straight into building the application, it also runs much faster then Java does, plus you can use a language you're familiar with such as C++ (managed) or C# rather then Java.

Oh and a word on the blog JC - have comments and trackbacks, its not really a blog IMO if its disconnected from the blogosphere.

Why bother with 32-bit Longhorn?

The last four years have been great for application compatibility, Windows XP finally merged the home user with the power/business user. We now have the best of both worlds, the power and stability of Windows NT and all the support of 9x.

However the world is set to split once more this time not between home and business, but between old and new. Windows XP x64 Edition is just weeks away from completion. With it a whole new split emerges between those running in 32-bit and those in 64-bit. Sure you can simply run most of your 32-bit applications on x64 Edition, but you'll have customers nagging for applications compiled natively for 64-bit, and who should blame them? Why bother having a 64-bit OS when everything running on it is 32-bit?

Already we see masses of 64-bit chips in the PC market, in a years time is any company still going to be selling machines with 32-bit chips? If yes, then only a small margin of computer sales.

Microsoft - scrap plans for a 32-bit version of Longhorn, show your commitment to 64-bit. We need to get over this hurdle as fast as possible, we can't go on for years messing around between 32-bit and 64-bit.

Make the Longhorn wave 64-bit at its core.

Changes changes all around

What's going on with the blogs dude!?

Due to my growing lack of free time, the increasing spam and other nasties that were hitting the two blogs I decided to merge them into a single blog engine.

blogs.da-- was basically becoming a second class citizen, the place was often reeking with spam, lacking on updates, way behind on skins etc, this will now resolve it.

Where have all my frakking posts gone!?

As the Sblog had more content then blogs.da-- that database is what continues here today. This URL is being used because it simply had more users then the Sblog. In short - more content, database stays - more users, URL stays.

All the old stuff will be available for a few weeks at the old/ directory.

Why can't I login!?

Due to the low usage I'll create the user accounts on request.

No thanks Sun

Saw this over on Channel 9.

Sun Java ad

What the hell? We know we're using Sun Java, we had to manually install it since Java no longer ships with Windows, you've wasted millions of Windows users' time already, now you're wasting who knows how many millions of seconds by forcing us to close your own stupid pop-up ads in the system tray.

I've since removed Sun Java from all my systems.

Silent Hunter 3

What a totally awesome game. Kudos to Ubisoft for seeing it through and giving the team the resources they needed to get the job done.

Silent Hunter 3

The best naval simulator ever, anyone who wants something a bit different to the flood of FPS and similar games should at least check this one out. It's been years since I've sat down and played a game as much.

Billy Wilson dead at 33

Billy Wilson the guy who practically made Voodoo Extreme into what it once was died yesterday age 33. This is a major bummer. When he and Sharky were running Voodoo Extreme it totally rocked.

I first discovered Voodoo Extreme when I got my old 3Dfx card way back in the day, it was really the site that built the gamer/hardware enthusiasts community that has spread over the whole globe and hundreds if not thousands of active sites that we have today. It gave the first generation of gaming-tech heads a place for news.

With the dot com bust, things went south, he had to leave and Voodoo Extreme never recovered from his absence and I doubt the generation of gamers brought up on Voodoo Extreme will ever find a real replacement for Billy 'Wicked' Wilson.

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