I've been doing a bit of tidying up late this afternoon, and a bit of optimizing to a lot of the stuff on the server (I halved the size of the database running these blogs wooo), moved a bunch of old websites around a bit and put them into read only mode (aka I'm never going to touch them again mode). Anyway since I was digging around there I thought I'd check out and see what the most popular entries on this blog are, for some reason it's not exposed via the interface anywhere.

The most viewed entry is: The Earth is older than 6000 years with 49,170 views.
2nd: Holy Combat with 44,094 views.
3rd: d3dx9.dll is missing or not found or installed with 43,352 views.
4th: Hamad Darwish's Windows Vista wallpapers released with 25,336 views.
5th: Windows Vista DRM nonsense with 18,630 views.
6th: Command & Conquer 3 problems with standard user with 13.626 views.
7th: Apple iTunes copying Microsoft again with 13,380 views.
8th: Why the iPod sucks with 9,439 views.
9th: Configuring AVG Free 8 anti-virus for the best experience with 8,957 views.
10th DreamScene Preview now on Ultimate Extras with 8,890 views.