Increasing view distance with raytracing enabled in Minecraft

One of the main reasons for getting a GeForce RTX 3080 last year was for Minecraft, so I can play with raytraced/RTX lighting enabled. I was expecting to take a substantial hit in draw distance - with RTX disabled I’d always play with at least a 64 chunk draw distance. Disappointingly the maximum view distance in Minecraft with raytracing enabled is only 24 chunks, at least as far as setting it in the user interface....

Sunday, 7 March 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith

EU's devastating Brexit export ban cripples UK fishing industry

More blatantly misleading headlines from everyone's favourite Brexit-supporting newspaper the Daily Express. EU's 'devastating' Brexit export ban cripples UK fishing industry Should read: United Kingdom leaving the European Union, means its no longer treated like an EU member. Ya know like the Daily Express wanted...? Nicki Holmyard, director of Offshore Shellfish in Brixham, Devon, said she is bracing for the "disastrous" worst case scenario of having to close her shellfish farm due to the post-Brexit trade fiasco....

Thursday, 4 March 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith

UK government guilty of breaking the law over Covid contracts

However the media in this country feel that bullying Meghan Markle is a more important story based on today's front pages. Tory press bullying Meghan Markle again Meanwhile we're stuck with a government that's left over one hundred thousand British citizens dead, while simultaneously giving the survivors the worst economic decline in the western world. A government that continues to get away with that and dishing out dodgy contracts to their donors as they break transparency laws with not a word about it mentioned in most of the press....

Saturday, 20 February 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith

Perseverance successfully lands on Mars

After traveling since July 2020, the new Perseverance rover has successfully landed on Mars. Hopefully it'll go on to be as successful as Pathfinder's Sojourner rover, Spirit, Opportunity and the still active Curiosity. First photos from Perseverance Only low-resolution images from its engineering cameras have been transmitted back, but they're enough to confirm its safely on the surface.

Thursday, 18 February 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith

Farage inventing fake laws and getting angry

Nigel Farage has been making angry videos on Twitter calling for the "EU Human Rights Act" to be scrapped. Great right? Except there's no such thing as the EU Human Rights Act. Farage, determined to get rid of human rights and take us back to some sort of 1942 Nazi-dominated Europe is attempting to rally his simpleton-Brexit supporting followers against human rights by attempting to link them with the European Union....

Wednesday, 17 February 2021 · 2 min · Paul Smith

Flat Earth Science Museum in Dreams

I was playing a bit of Dreams on PS4 yesterday, as I frequently do to keep an eye out for any interesting creations that the Dreams community make, and one caught my eye, the Flat Earth Science Museum by KingZorlok. It being a wonderful little exhibit of a flat Earth with various statements placed around the edge of the room, upon entering we're welcomed with a sign stating "welcome to the flat earth science museum....

Monday, 15 February 2021 · 6 min · Paul Smith

Broken, Brexit, Britain

Hundreds of people braving snow, freezing cold temperatures and a pandemic standing in line for a soup kitchen. Welcome to Britain, after almost eleven years of Conservative Party rule. More than 200 people queuing for food Image credit: Kindness Homeless Street Team The Scottish government's response is clear in a response to the United Nations report into poverty in the UK: The evidence has long been clear that food insecurity is driven primarily by lack of income....

Wednesday, 10 February 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith

Failure, ignorance and nepotism

Dido Harding: In part wasted £23 billion of our money on a failed track and trace system. Paid consultants £7000 an hour, none of them seemed to have told her about school level science about viruses mutating or the 2nd wave. Was surprised when more testing would be needed in September, when the schools were forced to open. "None of us were able to predict a new variant would occur." - Dido Harding...

Tuesday, 9 February 2021 · 3 min · Paul Smith

United States in 2017 vs 2021

This is what four years of Donald Trump's presidency has led to... Donald Trump's presidency in 2017 Donald Trump's presidency in 2021

Tuesday, 19 January 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith

The Express surprised over Brexit fishing

Hurrah, we've finally banned those pesky Norwegian fishing boats from our waters. WE ARE IN CHARGE. The Express's fishing narrative Wait what? THEY DARE BAN OUR BOATS from their WATERS? Honestly, why do people read this rubbish? It is entirely designed to increase the blood pressure in their elderly and susceptible-to-high-blood-pressure-readership.

Monday, 11 January 2021 · 1 min · Paul Smith