Damn those remainers, asking government ministers for meetings to discuss ways to help out many industries now suffering due to trade issues with the European Union. The Daily Express headline clearly demonstrating how remainers are plotting.

Daily Express headline

The Daily Express, buried under all the fake-outrage, ultra nationalism and clickbait headlines actually goes on to mention some figures:

“But I am sure he would agree we have a particular problem at the moment with the export of animals, meat and shellfish, where exports are down by between 56 and 83 percent.”

The Daily Express goes on to mention more figures:

Overall goods exports from the UK fell by £5.3 billion, 19.3 percent, in January. It was driven by a £5.6 billion, or 40.7 percent, plunge in exports of goods to the EU, the ONS said. A £200 million, 1.7 percent, increase in non-EU exports failed to make up for the decline within the bloc.

Of course, it cannot be relied upon that the typical rabid Brexiteer or Daily Express reader actually has the concentration span necessary to read further down the article and get to the actual facts. I mean in this case it honestly seems like the Express is trolling their readers by literally giving them the data on how Brexit is such a disaster for Britain - almost knowing themselves that their readers won’t get to the bottom of the article before angrily sharing on social media.