More blatantly misleading headlines from everyone's favourite Brexit-supporting newspaper the Daily Express.

EU's 'devastating' Brexit export ban cripples UK fishing industry

Should read: United Kingdom leaving the European Union, means its no longer treated like an EU member. Ya know like the Daily Express wanted...?

Nicki Holmyard, director of Offshore Shellfish in Brixham, Devon, said she is bracing for the "disastrous" worst case scenario of having to close her shellfish farm due to the post-Brexit trade fiasco.

Despite mounting pressure to relax the rules, Brussels has said it will stick firmly to the ban indefinitely because the UK is now a third country.

Misleading again, making it seem like this is a new rule that the European Union has come up with to go along with the punish Britain for leaving, it isn't. It's been like it for decades, the UK helped write the rules when it was a member.

Why should the EU change their rules to suit us? It's no surprise to anybody with the smallest amount of knowledge - that when you leave a club you no longer get the benefits of that club. But of course nothing will stop the Brexiteers raging at being proved wrong.