Culture change at the BBC

The recent issue over the BBC and Jonathan Ross and that other guy, Russell Brand or whatever his name is, the one who says "like" too much, has continued to be in the news. So I thought I'd just comment on it (makes a break from the endless tech stuff - sorry PDC and WinHEC conferences back to back means there's a lot of tech going on). Old time readers of my blog will no doubt remember multiple instances that I've said the BBC needs to raise its game....

Monday, 3 November 2008 · 3 min · Paul Smith

Let Viacom know what you're watching

As Google have been forced to hand over the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube. I think it's time to show Viacom that we don't all use YouTube to share "pirate" their crappy (excluding Star Trek which they canned) shows. So I've got a few suggestions, I hope Viacom love looking through my history, they'll see that I enjoy some good World of WarCraft videos now and again....

Thursday, 3 July 2008 · 1 min · Paul Smith

The Daily Mail as reactionary and hate-filled as ever

So for those that don't know how right-wing and reactionary the Daily Mail is check this e-mail that one of their writers sent out. From: [] Sent: 13 February 2008 15:57 To: (hidden) Subject: Response Source - Diana Appleyard , Daily Mail (Request for personal case study) PUBLICATION: Daily Mail (Request for personal case study) JOURNALIST: Diana Appleyard (staff) DEADLINE: 14-February-2008 16:00 QUERY: I am urgently looking for anonymous horror stories of people who have employed Eastern European staff, only for them to steal from them, disappear, or have lied about their resident status....

Monday, 25 February 2008 · 2 min · Paul Smith

Beatles crawling about NASA

Why the hell is NASA wasting public money on giving publicity to this group of attention seekers, yes I'm looking at you Paul McCartney. In case you haven't heard NASA will be broadcasting the Beatles song Across the Universe towards Polaris on the 4th. Amazing! Well done, NASA! Send my love to the aliens. All the best, Paul. Yoko Ono of course had her bit to say as well....

Saturday, 2 February 2008 · 2 min · Paul Smith

Thoughts on the format war - towards one inferior format

For those that don't listen to Gamercast here are my thoughts on where things need to go with the format war. Paramount, DreamWorks and Universal should begin supporting Blu-ray in a time frame consistent with Warner, so that by the end of the year there is one clear format. Microsoft should release either a Blu-ray add-on drive or dual BD-ROM/HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 by the end of the year....

Tuesday, 8 January 2008 · 3 min · Paul Smith


Seven years after Machina / The Machines of God, the Smashing Pumpkins reformed and released Zeitgeist, it's pretty clear to me that Mr Corgan works better under the Smashing Pumpkins brand. This album is not as heavy as Machina, you can really find a lot of correlations to their past albums throughout Zeitgeist, but you can't really compare it to another album as a whole, it is a different sound, even if it is every blurred together....

Monday, 6 August 2007 · 2 min · Paul Smith

Katie Melua and good science

Katie Melua in her song Nine Million Bicycles had a bit of bad science in the second verse: We are 12 billion light-years from the edge, That's a guess, no one can ever say it's true, But I know that I will always be with you Anyway, after a tongue-in-cheek article appeared in the Guardian about this she did another cut with some more accurate lyrics: We are 13.7 billion light-years from the edge of the observable universe, That's a good estimate with well-defined error bars, And with the available information, I predict that I will always be with you...

Saturday, 31 March 2007 · 1 min · Paul Smith

The real Superman

I am fed up with Superman this and Superman that. If Superman is so super why does he suck? What does he suck compared to? The real super-"thing", he only takes a man-form when it suits him. This is something so super he is can appear as god, can travel back in time billions of years, shift the whole universe around with a thought, change history of billions of planets with a snap of his fingers, or destroy the entire universe, or create a whole new one....

Friday, 28 July 2006 · 1 min · Paul Smith


Did I ever tell you I thought it was crap? Never thought I'd find someone who could explain why it was crap in just four little images though.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006 · 1 min · Paul Smith

Halo 2 soundtrack volume 2

Released at last... And it's pretty good.... Now got ALL the tracks that I wanted from Halo 2, especially Unforgotten which is a really nice piece. Big thumbs up, been waiting ages for this.

Saturday, 6 May 2006 · 1 min · Paul Smith