Carrying on from my preview post about how Internet Explorer and Pen Flicks are somewhat broken, next we come to the even more annoying issue.

RSS feeds don't reliably update in Windows 7. I haven't worked out exactly what is going on with this one yet.

But since I've been running Windows 7 I've noticed after logging onto the machine in the morning, that the RSS feeds in Internet Explorer - well any that are stored in the Common Feed List - aren't automatically updating.

I normally have my feeds set to update every 15 minutes, but after logging on in the morning 9 times out of 10 they'll all say last updated yesterday, even after waiting a couple of hours. You can easily tell it to start updating - by just right-clicking and refreshing all feeds, that starts the service working as usual, until the following day at least.

When I've come up with a work-around I'll post it.