The press has been running seemingly endless anti-China stories, almost every article on the BBC website has an image of a policeman to go along with any story about the Olympics. How about reporting the news for a change instead of creating it?

Today two Britons are being held by Chinese police after putting up "Free" Tibet banners near the national stadium, a number of other protests have gone on around the city by small groups of people.

These people then have the nerve to suggest that China is using the Olympic Games as a propaganda tool.

We've done this action today to highlight the Chinese government's use of the Beijing Olympics as a propaganda tool

Completely and utterly backwards, it is the western media, all these "Free" Tibet supporters running around, and the religious fundamentalists who recently carried out an attack on the border post in Xinjiang who are using the Olympics as a propaganda tool.

The "Free" Tibet supporters just don't know how ridiculous they look to people in China. It would be like thousands of people coming over here in 2012, putting up banners, and climbing street lights and shouting "FREE CORNWALL!", we'd think they were barking mad.

What these people seemingly don't understand is now the hardliners in the Chinese government will use all of their actions of late to justify every anti-demonstration law, every control on foreign journalists, and they'll have the support of the significant section of the Chinese population who will believe it is necessary to control these disrespectful foreigners that are running around. Congratulations, you've just weakened the more liberal wing of the Chinese government.