Just a heads up for those living in the UK or further east. There will be a eclipse of the Sun on the 1st of August, best viewed from parts of Russia and China where it will be total. Only partial from the UK - around 10%.

In the UK this will start at around 0931 local time (0831 UTC), the mid-point of the eclipse will be around 1015.

Safely blurb:

Obviously don't go looking at the Sun directly, you can cause damage to your eyes. Eclipse glasses are one option just make sure they carrying the CE logo and are undamaged - if you're not sure look at a bright light through them - if you can see anything at all throw them away.

Failing that there's pin-hole projection, where you can make a pin hole in a piece of card and project an image of the Sun onto a piece of card behind it.

You can also project an image using binoculars or a telescope like so:

You can bring the Sun into view by using the shadow cast behind the telescope or binoculars. Don't think about using a viewfinder or looking through the instrument itself - it would be bad.

Weather permitting, I'll have some images to share.