A follow on to this post here. The Ultimate Extras team have put up an update on what's going on.

We intend to ship Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs by the end of the summer. We will not ship the last two Extras showcased in January (Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs) until they meet the high quality bar required by our enthusiastic customers—and we believe that we can achieve that bar by the end of this summer.

They also go on to mention further updates that will be rolled out over the next couple of years, which they are "confident will delight" us. My thoughts, DreamScene final is good, the pre-release version does have a few niggling issues, and 20 more language packs, which would bring the total up to 35 (by my reckoning).

It's good that we've got this update, thanks to the team for posting something up, but I still like Long's idea of getting your choice of game to download. :)