As I've been working on the forums lately, and the new logo is a transparent PNG, it would look terrible as a GIF, so its a PNG instead. Yes, now you know where I'm coming from.

It's been over six months now since Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7, yet Internet Explorer 6 is still common. On the forums its about level with IE7. According to Net Applications, IE6 is still the market leader, with a 12% lead over IE7.

Browser trend

We see fairly rapid uptake as Microsoft first makes it available over Automatic Updates, but then it levels off, as half the people seemingly decline the installation. It's slowly increasing, but at the rate its going will take a couple of years before web developers can forget about it.

At this point I'd be in favour of Microsoft making it an automatic installation. That or some sort of campaign in the blogosphere to finish it off, and I don't mean that as an excuse for all the Firefox fanboys to start foaming at the mouths.