Two images so far from the eclipse, more shall be processed and uploaded later.

Solar Eclipse UK 29th of March 2006 @ 0948 UTCSolar Eclipse UK 29th of March 2006 @ 1017 UTC

Note the sunspots 865 and 866 on the right side of the image (east side of the Sun - they've just rotated around from the side of the sun a couple of days ago).

There's a cool animated map of the locations and times of the eclipse across the surface of the Earth, you can find this here.

What does the Earth look like from space when it's blocked out by the Moon...? Well some cosmonauts onboard the space station Mir took this image:

The August 1999 solar eclipse, from the Mir space station

This photo was taken during the August 1999 solar eclipse, and shows the Moon's shadow racing across the Earth at nearly 2000 kilometers per hour.