This is fantastic stuff, we're really making progress here. The government as of February the 1st increased wages for everyone in the public sector by on average 47%.

The public sector now makes up about 10% of the economy (more work needs to be done there).

Those in the private sector, despite more moaning from the capitalists have seen their wages rise another 15%, Chavez's government has been raising the minimum wage since around 2002, usually by 20%-30% per year.

In that time the numbers below the poverty line has fallen from 67% to 37%.

Chavez's government is making huge advancements and is doing it extremely fast. But not nearly fast enough - they should expand nationalisation and move the bulk of the economy under public control as soon as possible. They've demonstrated to the world how well the workers can manage the economy via democratically elected bosses - they will need to expand this to defend against any US invasion or another US-backed coup.