It's started. The attack on Venezuela, of course this has been going on for sometime - but now it's bringing it to the people. To demonise the Venezuelan adminstration in the eyes of the public - in preparation for a long running campaign to restore the domination of capital.

Hands off Venezuela:

On Monday March 27, the British Channel 4 screened a documentary on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that can only be described as scandalous. The description of Chavez as a “demagogue who could spearhead a regional shift to the left” may have been a quote coming from Washington, but it is clear Channel 4 wanted to make a clear statement agreeing with all the lies coming from the White House: we don't like Mr. Chavez. Why?

First, of course, because he is authoritarian. As usual, this allegation was not backed up by any evidence. It is one of these things the corporate media, when talking about Chavez, tend to mention as an aside, never putting too much emphasis on it because they must also know that the President, his government and his policies have been ratified in eleven different elections and referenda in less than eight years' time. Nevertheless the slander was there, and needless to say, there was not a word about Chavez’s extremely big democratic mandate and about the concerted attacks on the Bolivarian revolution by any means necessary (the coup, the lock-out, the CIA involvement, etc.).

The attack on the Venezuelan people will not go down well here. Trade Unions across Europe have already pledged their support, every worker on the planet supports the current Venezuelan administration. As a Marxist I offer my complete support to the defence of Venezuela - but as a Marxist that is not uncritical support the current administration does have its flaws like the whole united front nonsense with Lula and friends - however Venezuela is an example to the world of what can be achieved and we will not let it go without a long and bitter fight.