A few days ago now, while I was at work. Someone came up to me with a copy of Dead or Alive Ultimate, he said he'd like to return it because the graphics aren't "smooth".

OK so I wandered over to the till area and checked the discs to make sure they were in mint condition, while I was doing this, he looked up and said, "I only played the first disc, didn't even touch the second disc".

Now Dead or Alive Ultimate, includes both Dead or Alive, the original near decade old Saturn game, which is a direct port and is really just a bonus disc. The main game itself, is Dead or Alive 2, ported from the Dreamcast and totally recreated with the Dead or Alive 3 engine, which brings it up to the best looking game on the Xbox.

So this guy wonders why the graphics aren't smooth? You're playing a ten year old Saturn game mate. Here, look Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate - this is the bloody game you dimwit!