Back two or three years ago I was a solid Mozilla browser user. Mainly for the built in popup blocker and Java script controls, when Firebird (forerunner to Firefox) emerged I switched over to using that since I didn't need Mozilla's mail/news client etc.

However when Microsoft released Service Pack 2, I switched back to IE, I much prefer the way IE renders pages, it's much nicer to have everything sized out first then rendered than having things chucked around the screen like Netscape based browsers.

Just yesterday I came across my first PHP script that blocks IE, why? No reason what-so-ever, it all works fine in Internet Explorer.

It seems over the last few months the ravenous swarms of Microsoft haters have been propping up Firefox - this script forced me into wasting several seconds while I wait for slow Firefox to load up (at least Mozilla had a tray application that kept it in memory reducing the dreadful load delay). OK not a big problem - but to then insult me by saying my browser is not modern enough and refusing to work. That's just childish.

Who do they think they are?

The big case against Internet Explorer was always that pages were written specifically for it and many web designers just didn't bother ensuring their sites were compatible with everything else - obviously not a good way to do things.

Now I've come across pages and scripts specifically designed not to run on Internet Explorer - and for no good reason at all - once the browser check is removed they worked fine.

That is just going too far, ok some web designers may be lazy and not bother ensuring their pages work on something other then IE - but purposely blocking Internet Explorer and then trying to advertise some other browser is just madness.

This kind of fanboyism and total ignorance is really starting to turn me very anti-Firefox. They're the same kind of people as the Apple cult - they refuse to accept that Firefox has bugs, trust me it has loads, more then IE, I come across them every day, bugs that have existed for years and years and years that probably won't ever be fixed - inconsistent rendering and blockquote spacing issues. Then we come to security - the same ignorance again, "we're immune to security problems" they chirp on, only a few days ago was a vulnerability addressed that became public months ago. What kind of security is that?

It's a real shame I'm so annoyed now, Firefox is a good browser, I recommend everyone to try it, but the kind of scum that try and push it down your throat, purposely block other browsers have thier heads up where the sun doesn't shine that seem to believe it's "perfect" really, really put me off.