Last month Demon, my ISP, introduced a new 1Mbps product range. HomeOffice 1000, priced at only £1 more then I'm currently paying for 500Kbps. Good deal if you ask me.

Within a week I fax of a upgrade form. I wait 3 weeks hear nothing. Get onto them last night only to find out that the upgrade was put onto their system - but removed 2 days later. Phone them up today only to find out that 'Demon Express' cannot be upgraded to HomeOffice 1000, despite the fact that Demon Express Total (the newer product that is identical to Demon Express) can be.

So apparently my only option is to cancel, which would probably leave me without a connection for 2 weeks may be even more and order HomeOffice 1000. I'd probably lose my hostname, my e-mail addresses, my IP address. Pretty much everything.

I must say BT's business 2Mbps uncapped ADSL line at £29.99 looks tempting.

Anyone know of any uncapped and unrestricted, 1Mbps or higher, static IP products priced at around £30? I'd rather not go with BT as they do have a habit of kicking people off for no reason.