Just got my hands on a Nebula DigiTV PCI card yesterday... Pretty good! For those who don't know it has a digital tuner allowing it to access all unencrypted channels broadcasted digitally in the UK (aka Freeview) as well as an analogue input for video from an external source, although the quality is quite poor and the newer software seems bent on trying to encode it to MPEG in real time creating a delay of several seconds, rather then just push it through onto the screen, the older pre-July software didn't do this so it's a little odd. However for watching and recording digital TV it's the mut's nuts.

Now if only I could make the final step (me and spending money don't mix) of getting Windows XP Media Center Edition, 2 digital tuners, 2 analogue tuners, 2 sky boxes so I could but together one beast of a Media Center for the living room.