I was reading through some posts on a newsgroup I won't mention where it was (it was a completely OT conversation) anyway this was posted by "Lisa1174" in response to some criticism of the Bush regime by a Canadian.

"Perhaps we are concerned about America FIRST and Iraq and the rest of you LAST!!!!! And, for your info, YES, Iraq is a safer place! Ask the citizens of Iraq. Ask the US Military. So, get your head out of your A*S and get your facts STRAIGHT BEFORE you open you STUID mouth!!!! You all don't like OUR PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH because you know that he will secure the US and thathe will preserve and freedomand that is what you hate!"

If they're so concerned about America, how come they're always sticking their noses and bombs into other people's business?

Iraq is a safer place? Daily counter-attacks by rebel forces both conventional and suicide, constant bombing and attacks by "allied" forces. The actual civilian death toll post-war, directly related to the war and the escalating violence has been put at around 100000, 51% of all civilian deaths have come via violence post-war. The year before only 2% were due to violence (from a recent report by Lancet). Iraq is safer? Sure those figures really show that.

Ask the US military? Who themselves come under constant attack, yes I'm sure they feel safe.

We don't like Bush because he's an ultra-right wing capitalist bastard. Secure anything? He can't even secure Iraq, before the war Al'Qaeda was nowhere to be found in Iraq, now it's full of Al'Qaeda members. Bush managed to complete what Bin Laden had tried and failed to do for years, remove Saddam Hussein from power.

So please "Lisa1194" get your facts right before you open your mouth.