I know I've posted the banana one up on Portal Forums, but I'd thought I'd cover it again here, as well as a new video. Simply because they're so dumb, you couldn't be any dumber if you tried. This is, frankly, in my opinion the finest work "creation science" has ever done, they moved into "creation comedy" so seamlessly. It is disappointing that some people have taken these seriously and have used them to re-enforce their beliefs, I look forward to a world where people, all people, will be educated and intelligent enough to laugh at how ridiculous these guys are.

The Atheist's Nightmare: The Banana.

There's one small problem with this argument. It assumes that god created the banana in its present form. Guess what? He didn't. We created the banana over the last ten thousand years. God's wild banana looks something like this:

Musa maclayi (banana)

In fact this proves evolution. We changed that thing into the bananas we eat today. Like almost everything else connected with agriculture, we produced the species we have today, crops of all kinds, cows, pigs, you name it we've changed it. We selected which varieties could reproduce and which could not.

The banana and all domesticated species are proof that evolution works.

The Atheist's Nightmare: Peanut Butter.

There's one small problem with this argument too. It assumes the early Earth was a giant peanut butter jar. The early Earth was rich in hydrogen based gases, methane, ammonia, water vapour etc. A peanut butter jar is not the right conditions.

It also confuses evolution with spontaneous generation, nobody is saying you'll magically get something like an insect in there, it took the Earth four billion years to do that. Evolution explains why we have so many different species in the world, and how we get new species, evolution assumes you already have life. It doesn't deal with how life started, that's where abiogenesis comes in, and you don't start out with anything remotely resembling a modern single celled life form, something that took four billion years to evolve.

You start off with methane, hydrogen, ammonia, water vapour etc, a few sparks of lightning and you'll get amino acids, they self-assemble we've watched it happen in only a few hours. Amino acids go on to build proteins, nucleic acids form which can make copies of themselves and so on. Sure there is much more research to do, but all the bits are there and the number of gaps god has to hide in is progressively shrinking.

It shows the intellectual dishonesty of the creationists, they've made these points for decades and no matter how much evidence, no matter how many times they're told that evolution doesn't deal with the origin of life, or how many times they're told that a banana is a domesticated plant they just carry on parroting the same utterly nonsensical arguments because they need to keep the faithful inline.

"Evolution is a fact not a theory, it really happened" - Carl Sagan.