In a sort of follow up to my previous post about Windows Vista being the most secure operating system.

Jeff Jones has totalled up the number of vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the first 90 days of the Windows Vista launch (end of November), and compared it to Windows XP, Mac OS X.4, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4 Workstation and Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

Here's the figures:

Windows Vista: 5.
Windows XP: 18.
Mac OS X.4: 27.
Ubuntu Linux: 100.
SuSe Linux:111.
Red Hat Linux: 201.

That's one fifth as many security related problems as Mac OS X.4. Take note Apple, you don't want to find yourselves in hot water over trying to mislead people, again, do you?

I got some feedback left on my other post on this topic.

Not taking into consideratio that the vulnerabilities for the windows are alot more common

Come on, are you serious?

That's because Windows is a lot more common (90+% of the market). Now let's follow this through, if you replace Windows with its 5 security issues, do you get more or less potential security issues when replacing it with Red Hat and its 201 issues? You get more, much more.

Let's assume that 90% is 400 million machines. Which means with Windows in the first 90 days of launch there's 2 billion potential holes in the worlds computers. With Red Hat's 90 days that figure goes up to 80.4 billion potential holes in the worlds computers. With Mac OS it's 10.8 billion! Come on get real. We're talking about how secure the operating system is, not how much software there is for it, which obviously will follow the OS with the largest market share.

Microsoft have made huge improvements over the last few years on security and that is undeniable, and they'll continue to make even more improvements in the future. By the time the next version of Windows ships people saying Windows is massively insecure will sound as dumb as all the people who are saying Windows is hugely unstable today, after 5 years of Windows being solely based on NT.