The scum bag Tories have been up to their usual tricks again lately. This time involving an individual who according to her had her NHS operation canceled seven times, only three times according to the NHS Trust.

Tory scum bag

The Tories are of course using this woman as a political football - she denies it of course.

From the BBC:

Tory spokesman for the North West of England Chris Davenport said he had spent the day at Mrs Dixon's home because his party had "set this running".

"All we have been doing is meeting the press and media and trying to sort out queues for phone calls and interviews so Mrs Dixon can speak to people," he said.

Yes so the Tory scum are in her house just to organize all this. Talk about Political Football 2005.

This really pisses me off. The Tories don't give a damn about the NHS - the eighteen years they were in power they almost killed the NHS, now they're being the worlds biggest hypocrites. The NHS has improved massively under Labour. If the Tories were in power, she'd have to wait twice as long and pay for the operation herself!