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Halo 3 public beta coming early next year

Microsoft have announced that Halo 3 will have a public multiplayer beta in the spring. Feedback will be used to improve multiplayer for the games release later in 2007.

Awesome! Hopefully they'll time it so its released right around the PlayStation 3 launch.

Wii Countdown gadget

The Catherine inspired Wii Countdown gadget is now available.

Windows Vista Wii Countdown Gadget

My Xbox 360 countdown thing never made it, the Wii countdown thing did. So here it is, it runs on the Windows Vista Sidebar, although some have had success getting the Sidebar running on Windows XP, so try Googling.

It counts down to the European launch, however you can easily change that by editing the date in %User%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\wiicountdown.gadget\wii.htm just change it to whatever the launch date is in your region.

A second version would have a whole control panel thing so you can toggle between different regions, however coding that is beyond my abilities; I gave up after half an hour because it was bugging me, but I'm pretty sure its nearly there if somebody else wants to add that functionality feel free, if you want the stuff I've already done towards that give me a shout.

Download it here (56KB). Thanks to some web forum (I can't find it now) where I borrowed some of the Java countdown code, thanks to Catherine for picking out a font size and weight. :)

PlayStation 3 delayed until next year

Excellent. Microsoft and Nintendo are going to be laughing all the way to the bank. From the BBC:

Ken Kutaragi, head of Sony's global computer entertainment division, said the machine would still be launched in November in the US and in Japan.

Mr Kutaragi blamed the European delay on problems in mass producing elements of the high-definition Blu-ray disc drives in the machines.

Sony said it still aimed to ship six million new PlayStations by March.

But it halved its forecast for the end of 2006, saying just two million units would be shipped worldwide before the end of December.

Production problems meant that fewer machines than anticipated would be available for the launch in Japan and the US, Mr Kutaragi said.

Speaking at Sony's global headquarters in Tokyo, Mr Kutaragi apologised for the delays to the PlayStation 3 launch.

But he said Sony had decided to focus on the US and Japan in the run-up to Christmas.

"I am so sorry not to be able to answer all the expectations," he said.

The delay is due to a problem with the mass production of the blue laser diodes needed for the Blu-ray DVD player in the machine Sony said.

So the PS3 has so far been delayed a whole year now. From some comments left on the BBC article:

"I always believed Sony were going to win this console war, but now I believe that they have dug their own grave" I couldn't agree more. Or with this "This does not surprise me one bit. Also, the PS3 will be no better than the 360, in fact I read in a well known gaming publication that a Sony Europe employee was sacked. The reason being because on his internet blog he stated that after a year or so you will find the 360 out-performing the PS3. The PS3 will not be as powerful as people think, and the 360 is far more efficient (the 360, for info to someone, has 3 dual-core custom designed IBM processors I believe) and has better GPU."

I can't wait to get back at work and laugh at all those Sony fanboys.

Kane is back

EA have got Joe Kucan back to play Kane in Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. Let's face it a C&C game set in the tiberium universe just wouldn't be right without the Messiah, err Kane.

Kane (Joe Kucan) Brotherhood of Nod

Now I just hope they improve the FMV sequencies, in Tiberian Sun (and even more so in Red Alert 2 *pukes*) they were awful.

I actually played the original Command and Conquer for a few hours last night (yes it runs on Windows Vista). That is how you do FMV sequencies, they're believable it really feels like a war is going on, they don't have that guy from the Terminator and Aliens saying lets kick some ass and this twisted evil computer dude who thinks he's hard.

So let's try and keep it serious this time and don't waste money on some fancy pants actors, the development team you've got would do a far better job. It's been 7 years since the Tiberian Sun, don't screw it up.

Microsoft release XNA Game Studio Express Beta

Get it right here.

XNA Game Studio Express is a new offering, targeted at students and hobbyists for game development. XNA Game Studio is based on Visual C# Express 2005 and lets developers target both Windows and Xbox 360. XNA Game Studio Express contains the following:

The XNA Framework Content Pipeline, which is a set of tools that allow developers to more easily incorporate 3D content into their games.

The XNA Framework, a set of managed code development libraries that make it possible for game developers to be more productive when creating games for Windows and Xbox 360.

Game Studio Express also contains a full set of documentation, how-tos, and starter kits that demonstrate how best to use the content pipeline and XNA Framework.

This initial beta doesn't support developing games for the Xbox 360, that's something for the final version as Microsoft don't release beta code for the Xbox 360 but that will be here by the end of the year.

As with Microsoft's Visual Studio Express range this will also be free. However if developing for the Xbox 360 there will be a $99 yearly subscription to the "Creator Club" which can be purchased over Xbox Live Marketplace this will allow you to deploy your games to the Xbox 360.

Checkmate Sony, checkmate. No platform can exist without my new upcoming Xbox 360 title; Shape Wars II: The Revenge of the Pwning Uber Retro Shapes.

Chimps and Pacman - evidence for evolution

Check out this video of a chimpanzee playing Pacman. OK he's not very good at it, but how many other animals would even understand they're moving something on the screen? Just look at his face at the end of the clip, so human.

What is the chance that we would have other animals that are just so human on the Earth? Evolution can explain it and predicts species would be very similar to other species.

Why would god create species so similar, with a few minor tweaks here and there that guy could be human and could play decent games like Civilization 4? Why would god be so cruel to limit these guys brains? What kind of god is that?

To me that speaks of evolution, of that we both share a common ancestor about 8 million years ago. Of course you could just argue god did it, but that attitude isn't going to cure diseases and result in a greater understanding of the cosmos.

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