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Games for Windows and Start Menu shortcuts

I've got two games branded with Games for Windows Flight Simulator X and Age of Empires 3 WarChiefs. In both cases the games didn't create a shortcut in the Start Menu.

They do however like you'd expect fill in lots of information using Windows Vista's Games Explorer feature.

Age of Empires 3 WarChiefs Games Explorer menu

But nothing on the Start Menu, this strikes me as rather silly, now it is true that I use the Games Explorer to launch all my games, but a lot of people will use the shortcuts on the Start Menu, or will just want to type the name of the application in using the search feature, and you really need the shortcuts there to get indexed at the top of the results so you can just hit enter.

Now I'm trying to remember if Lego Start Wars 2 did create a shortcut there, then we'd know if this is just a Microsoft development decision or if its origins are deeper in the Games for Windows program, if somebody has Windows Vista and other Games for Windows titles perhaps they could check. Either way, games need shortcuts in the programs group on the Start Menu.

Dudeanov is back

My World of WarCraft character has come back to life 6 months after the trial expired. If you're on the Steamwheedle Cartel realm drop me a line, we can hunt some orc.


Now I just need to wait for the Burning Crusade to come out so I can play with Catherine and a bunch of other people.

Game of the Year 2006 and Games of 2007

Well I'm starting to think about which games we're going to be including in the next episode of Gamercast, due on the 7th of January, in our Game of the Year and Games of 2007 segment.

I'll put forward Oblivion (overall) and Gears of War (best shooter). They've been my favourite games of 2006. Next year we've got Spore, Crysis, Halo 3 and Command and Conquer 3.

What's your favourite games of 2006 and what games are you looking forward to in 2007?

Appeal to Will Wright and Spore designers

Now many people and I will agree that Spore has the potential to be one of the biggest games of 2007. It is one I'm certainly looking forward to playing. But one thing has been bugging me this whole time.

When I first heard about building your own UFO I cringed. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. How is it possible to build something that you can't identify?

Now I'm sure for the people at EA, their market research has identified that the acronym UFO effect on some minds wow cooool a UFO omg aliens cool. Of course UFO says nothing about aliens, if we knew it was aliens it wouldn't be unidentified. However some individuals in society associate the two where no association actually exists. Or it could simply of been a slip up by those on the Spore design team at Maxis.

Either way I'd like to see the UFO renamed to the Flying Saucer (if they want to maintain the woo woo crowd), or better yet the Spacecraft or Spaceship, for the reasons mentioned above. In my opinion this will drastically improve the game for me, and I'm sure many others who would otherwise be tempted to throw up at such poor usage of the language.

Halo 3 spotted on Xbox Live

Those familiar with Bungie Studios will probably be aware of the long tradition of Pimps at Sea. Some might remember it as being an April fool's joke one year (they announced they were producing a pirate game called Pimps at Sea). It's also been used to refer to games that are currently in development.

Pimps at Sea (Alpha) - Halo 3 spotted on Xbox Live

Well as you can see (assuming the image hasn't been doctored) people are playing Pimps at Sea (Alpha). Could this be Halo 3, which is due for a public beta of multiplayer in just a few months time? Some people think so.

Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 vs Wii at Call of Duty 3

I saw this video over on Tech Puddle, but it looks like their server is down as I've not been able to access so I'll link the video from here too. I thought it was pretty interesting, ignoring the fact you're trying to compare graphics quality on a YouTube video.

What do you think? The PlayStation 3 version looks really washed out and doesn't have the details of the Xbox 360 version, and according to the reviews it has a lower frame rate too. The Wii version looked a lot better than I was expecting, but still lagging behind both.

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