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Xbox 360 update coming this week

The update for the Xbox 360 that we covered in Gamercast Episode 66 is due to arrive this week, some of the improvements include low-power download mode, and Windows Live Messenger support.

IGN however totally got the wrong end of the stick, it looks like while writing up this article somebody forget to check the date, this article is based upon a page on which is talking about last year's update which was released on the 6th of June, unfortunately some people didn't check IGN's article out for accuracy and are now screaming bloody murder because of the update being delayed.

It is not delayed, it's coming sometime this week, not next month, that's the official ETA for this year's spring update.

Halo 2 Windows Vista trailer

The video player uses Silverlight, so you'll need the plug in for Windows or Mac OS.

Edit: I've decided to scrap the iframe and just have a link to the page here.

This was put together (primarily the player) with Expression Media Encoder, once I can get my hands on RTM I'll be using that for Gamercast.

Yes I know there's a big percentage thing in the middle when the video is playing and still downloading, when Silverlight supports Windows Media Server that'll go away, or when I edit it out of the player.

Command & Conquer 3 problems with standard user

It seems Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars has a major issue with running as a standard user. Symptoms include standard users not being able to run the application, with the system reporting that it does not have permissions.

In my experience this is due to the update application not setting the proper permissions on files after modifying them, it basically removes the users group from the CNC3.exe and other files.

To resolve this issue navigate your way to the Electronic Arts folder. Right click on the Command & Conquer 3 folder and click Properties.

Navigate to the Electronic Arts folder and right click on Command & Conquer 3

That will open up the Properties window, you'll want to click on the Security tab and then click on the Advanced button.

Click on the Security tab and click on advanced

You'll then need to click on the Edit button near the bottom (you'll notice its got a little shield icon meaning you'll need to elevate at this step), you'll then be presented with this window, which at the bottom has a check box next to 'Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object' you'll need to check that box, and then OK your way back out.

Check ''Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object' and click OK

It will then go and set the proper permissions on all the objects inside the Command & Conquer 3 folder. That should resolve the issue. However unless EA fix their update application it could well happen again when they next release a patch.

Other than this oversight the application otherwise runs fine as standard user, and installs fine from a standard users' desktop while elevating using UAC. So it is only a relatively minor fix for EA to apply at their end.

Supreme Commander demo released

All real time stratagy fans should check out the Supreme Commander demo out. Here's the link to Gamespot's download (you need to be registered). Although I got better speeds from a torrent.

Supreme Commander

It weighs in at just over 1GB, and features some of the single player campaign and skirmish (one map).

I suppose the main attraction of this game is the scale of it. Some of the maps are 80km x 80km in size. You can also zoom all the way out to see the entire battlefield. Makes a change from Battle for Middle-Earth and the late Command and Conquer games which just felt too zoomed in.

Highly recommended. We'll be reviewing the final game on Gamercast when we get our hands on a final copy (probably for the episode on the 18th).

PlayStation 3 countdown gadget

I've just put together a countdown gadget for the European PlayStation 3 launch. Like my Wii countdown gadget.

PlayStation 3 countdown gadget for Windows Vista

Download it here (85KB). I've had an e-mailing from someone asking what a .gadget is. It's for the Windows Vista sidebar, otherwise its basically a zip file with some Java and HTML in.

Microsoft err Dinosaur Simulator

Well not quite, a pterosaur "aircraft" for Flight Simulator.

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