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Fact check: Windows Vista as fast or faster than XP for gaming

Let's put this bit of FUD to rest.

Fact: Windows Vista on launch was around 5-10% slower than Windows XP for gaming, this was largely due to video drivers not being as mature.

10% isn't even noticeable, I'd happily trade 10% for video drivers which don't take out the entire system when they crash thanks to them running in User Mode in Windows Vista instead of Kernel Mode like they do in Windows XP.

Fact: That gap was closed months ago, and now in many benchmarks Windows Vista is faster.

From ExtremeTech:

They also benchmarked World in Conflict, where the two were dead level.

Conclusion: there's no difference, and if somebody wants to get picky and argue Windows XP must be faster, kindly point them in the direction of some benchmarks.

Gamercast Episode 126

Just a head's up. Yes I know there's no episode 126 online yet. Adam and myself haven't recorded it yet as the studio was as an oven Sunday evening and having the fans on would create too much background noise, so we're going to be doing an extended episode next Sunday.

Let Viacom know what you're watching

As Google have been forced to hand over the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube. I think it's time to show Viacom that we don't all use YouTube to share "pirate" their crappy (excluding Star Trek which they canned) shows.

So I've got a few suggestions, I hope Viacom love looking through my history, they'll see that I enjoy some good World of WarCraft videos now and again.

Let's start off with World of Offline Gaming, Christmas Time in Dun Morough, Leroy Jenkins, WoW player scolded by parents over Ventrilo, FUNNY Real-Person world of warcraft and of course finally the Rise of the Dragonstar guild's official Alterac Valley battlesong.

If you've got any other suggestions you can use to flood people's viewing histories, feel free to make them below.

Red team really does win

Well it looks like the blues finally have an excuse to why they lose all the time, no it isn't just because they suck.

Red team pwns Blue team

In a study recently published in Cyberpsychology & Behavior it was found that out of 1,347 games of Unreal Tournament 2004 (not pictured above), the red team won 55% of the time. Mihai Moldovan a neuroscientist at the University of Copenhagen, hypothesises that the colour red is a psychological distracter, at least for men.

I must say I am somewhat disappointed, here was me thinking the last 10-15 years of my gaming life I was undefeatable, now I know it was all because I chose red - my favourite colour back in the old days.

Although saying that, it would seem to me that the opposite should be true in strategy games (which I probably play the most), as you would be looking at your own bases/cities/units etc more often than your opponents. I'd be interested to see any follow up research looking at a strategy game.

I think it's time to bind "I played red before we knew they won more you noobs" to a key, and find out a way to paint my armour red in World of WarCraft - well that's not likely, but at least my guild tabard is mostly red.

Crysis - ruined by bad science

So I've been playing through Crysis which is a fantastic game. But yesterday I noticed something, something BAD.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? The Moon!!!!! Ahhh Jesus.

For us to see the Earth facing side of the Moon completely illuminated, it must be opposite the Sun in the sky. In daytime like this picture shows it is impossible to have the Moon fully illuminated.

In reality the Full Moon will be rising just as the Sun is setting and vice versa - opposite positions in the sky.

So here's the Moon a little later on, and if we look at the compass in the bottom-left of the display we see the Moon hasn't moved a sodding inch in the sky. Despite the fact the Sun has now clearly moved below the horizon.

Next thing I look for is an accurate sky, I was expecting the stars to be thrown randomly into the sky if they couldn't be bothered simulating the Moon properly, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Here's Cassiopeia, Perseus a quick look around the sky and everything else seems to be in order.

Well until I realised that Polaris is directly overhead. *bangs head on desk*

Now I'm led to believe by this game that I'm on an island in the South China Sea. I would expect Polaris to hang around near the horizon. Polaris being directly overhead means this island, this lush tropical island is set at the North Pole. Then of course if you're at the North Pole why is the sun even setting in the summer? It should remain above the horizon the entire day doing a lap around the sky, and vice versa in the winter.

I was looking forward to seeing some of the southern skies I never get to see in real life, now the stars I see is what I'm stuck with, being at the North Pole means they'll never rise, nor set, that and this big ball called the Moon which hovers over the same spot of the Earth will seemingly always annoy me.

How are they going to explain this? The aliens have teleported this island to the North Pole, yet somehow my funky GPS map thing shows me as being where I'm supposed to be, that the aliens have altered the climate of this island and that they've attached the Moon to the top of a really tall tower on the Earth and put a light bulb inside of it so it!

Yeah right!!!

I have a suggestion for Crytek or EA, I recommend you employ me as your astronomy and/or science advisor on your future projects. Technically speaking it wouldn't take a lot of work to correct this.

You'd need to attach the sky and the Moon to the same thing which makes the Sun move, and move the Moon opposite the Sun, or change its phase to a more accurate one. I would settle for that.

However this wouldn't be accurate for very long (using the in-game binoculars you could spot that the Moon isn't moving properly against the background stars in an hour or two game time). Unless of course you model the Moon's orbit around the Earth properly, which wouldn't take much, and if you're going to do that you might as well model the Earth's motion around the Sun too, that will allow the background stars to move against the Sun as they should do too over the course of a year.

Flight Simulator has been doing this stuff correctly for as long as I can remember. I expect Crysis, one of the best games ever to do the same, this totally ruined the game for me! :-(

In addition to my review on Gamercast I have to add: If you're buying Crysis to use as a sky simulator or an astronomy program I have to strongly recommend against this, there are other freeware applications out there which do a far better job.

Urge to play WoW rising

Not played World of WarCraft since March, it is starting to get to me.

World of WarCraft patcher

I'm getting it patched up to date, just in case I cannot resist any longer. I'll have to play with Dudeanov, as my new main character (can't remember his name) is married to Catlyn, and he isn't allowed to go out without her.

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