Ken Livingstone is once again under attack by the right-wing press. In this case the Evening Standard and it's sister paper the Daily Mail.

What's he done this time? Called a journalist who had been pestering him and trying to get some kind of rise out of him someone who behaves like a "concentration camp guard".

It turns out the journalist is Jewish, well so he claims, I wouldn't be surprised if it was entirely made up just to try and get some kind of story going on. Apparently he's offended, he really sounded offended during the incident. Even more the Board of Deputies of British Jews has demonstrated it's total stupidity by lodging an official complaint.

Somehow, Ken's remarks are "racist". What frakking bullshit is this? Racist? How on Earth is likening someone to a "concentration camp guard" racist? Even if he used something anti-Jewish in what he said, the Jews aren't a race, they're a bunch of religious people like any other bunch of religious people, Christians, Muslims whatever. BUT he DIDN'T say something anti-Jewish, he said something anti-"concentration camp guard" which I don't think anybody would have a problem with, they weren't the nicest of people - much like this journalist.

It's also interesting to point out that the Daily Mail was probably the most pro-Nazi paper in the country, always supporting the Nazis in Germany (well until the war started) and the British Nazi Party and showing lots of similarities with today's British National Party. So who the hell are they to talk?