I've recently got my hands on a copy of the Acceleration expansion pack for Flight Simulator X. One of the new aircraft is the AgustaWestland EH101 helicopter. Manufactured here in Yeovil.


Details page about it, it comes with 13 liveries, covering things like the US Coast Guard, RAF, and the Tokyo Police.

Me trying to fly an EH101 over Yeovil

This is me trying to fly the thing over Yeovil, quite an easy helicopter to handle; it doesn't fly all over the place seemingly uncontrollable like the light weight Jet Ranger which came with Flight Simulator X. Saying that though, I still crash-landed on my first attempt.

Another notable addition is the Boeing F/A-18, which as far as I can remember is Flight Simulator's first (at least in over a decade) high-performance military aircraft. But no you can't actually shoot down the civilian air traffic with it, but you can try and land on an aircraft carrier.