So the deadline for nominations for Yeovil Labour candidate is soon.

Obviously I think we need a left-wing candidate. One who if won the election, would support the Trade Union Freedom bill, vote against anymore imperialist wars, resist the increasing infestation of private business in public services, renationalise the railways and support measures to reverse the growing gap between rich and poor. Things that no doubt have wide support among the public, and the Labour Party membership.

But at present due to the rushed nature of the whole now known to be needless electioneering, the only way to really guarantee that there will be at least one socialist up for selection is to throw my own hat into the ring.

So I'm toying with what to do, personally I'm split on the issue, I have little experience with how the local party functions or what would be involved and so would rely heavily on the support of other comrades.

If there were several other people nominated, it would sort itself out, and the party would decide if I was experienced enough or not. But there is the possibility that I may one of just a small handful of nominees, or worst case scenario the only person put forward. Leaving party members with only one option - to vote for me. Which isn't exactly the ideal test of democracy.

What to do... Any thoughts?