It's not every day we encounter such brilliance, I think everyone should take the time to read these words of wisdom from Richard Branson.

Hospitals are there to cure people - they are not to kill people.

Incredible. How on Earth did we manage to get along before this guy came along and shared his intellect with us?

He accuses politicians of tinkering with infection controls in hospitals, largely in relation to strains of staphylococcus aureus that have become resistant to a large group of antibiotics, while he himself is doing the same tinkering suggesting all hospital staff be screened for MRSA.

What he, and a great deal of other people don't seem to be able to grasp these efforts can only be temporary. The only solution to permanently deal with this is increase the number of people going into science, and to increase research spending, be it public or private. It is also necessary to tackle religion through solid science education, especially in the United States where it no doubt acts like a colossal break on scientific development - especially in evolution, genetics and going forward bio-engineering, all areas that will become critical in dealing with this going forward.

Probably the most worrying though is that the government accepts advice from non-experts like Richard Branson.