According to Mary Jo, who declares that it is official that we've entered the "under-promise and over-deliver era at Microsoft".

Just when Microsoft had customers, partners and competitors all believing that it was going to delay the first service pack for Vista — not releasing a first beta of it until just before year-end — the company is set to deliver Beta 1 of Vista SP1 in mid-July.

Long has the story on the only unconfirmed fix that will be included, apparently ReadyBoost devices will no longer have to be repopulated with data after waking the machine up.

Me? I'd like to see a couple of fixes to Explorer 1) stop losing layout information seemingly randomly, 2) justify all the icons properly the first time, not after you reset the icon size and resize the window.

Now I've got to decide if I want to install the beta or not on my main system. Hmmmmm....