Now we're getting somewhere. When the Beta 2 branch was forked we were only getting bug fixes, now we're back to get features on the new fork. A few things I've noticed after using the new build for a couple of hours:

Aero Glass has been tweaked and looks much better.
Font weight and size has been changed some what.
Performance is right up there with Windows XP SP2.
New icons.
New mouse pointer.
New login screen.
New post-boot screen.
List view returns.
Flip-3D is now anti-alaised and fades in and out much nicer.
Window control buttons no longer flash up black for a second.
Menus are now much more consistant.
3px issue on Start Menu divide is now resolved.
New games added to the Games Explorer.
Alt text in IE7 now has the new tooltip style.
Networking performance is right up there with Windows XP.

It's nice to get off a bug-fix fork and onto an improvement fork. Now we're seeing the polish applied and it's looking good.