PC Mag coughed up an excuse of an article today, written by Dan Costa and titled "Windows Phone 7: Where Are the Apps?" it essentially argues that Windows Phone 7 has very few applications, or none if you read it by title alone.

We already had some information stating it'll have over 2000 applications on launch. Microsoft have stated the development tools have had hundreds of thousands of downloads, and that it will have over 50 Xbox Live-enabled games on launch, that isn't including non-Xbox Live games.

What's Dan's source of this information? The Windows Phone website, where he can only find information about seven applications "I could only find seven applications listed on the site: Twitter, eBay, IMDb, and four games". Of course by the same logic, the iPhone only has dozens of applications as that's all I can find on Apple's website.

Of course if he bothered to look at where you actually download applications from, the Zune Marketplace he would have seen hundreds up for download already. That's up from a dozen or so earlier this week. Not bad for a platform which isn't even released.

Microsoft might be tempted to think it doesn't need third party developers. That would be a huge mistake.

I don't even know where to start with that one. What planet does this guy live on? Seriously? This is Microsoft if there's one thing they get is how important 3rd party developers are, heck that's what the whole PC ecosystem was built upon.

It isn't hard to do a little work and find out where all the apps are. But Dan and PC Mag are obviously more interested in spreading FUD, hoping everyone who reads it by headline alone will assume Windows Phone doesn't support 3rd party applications.