As promised a few weeks back here's the last two decent Photosynths from my recent excursion to the Lake District.

First up, a nice view of Hawkshead and the surrounding landscape from the Colthouse Heights. Make sure to check out the highlights on this synth as I spent a fair bit of time working out what all the areas of interest were:

Lastly here's the synth we did while visiting Hawkshead, we actually wound up there twice, hey it happens to have a nice bread factory. This is the view looking east from Hawkshead church, yup that's the church shown in the above synth, this synth was taken on the wall facing us from that view. I haven't done any highlights for this synth yet but will add some when I get around to it. The Colthouse Heights and Latterbarrow are easy to spot:

For those interested here's all the Photosynths placed on a map which really adds some context, you can kind of get an idea of the path we took on one of our little treks.