Across the internet are increasing numbers of fake Windows 7 screenshots.  Some of them are utterly insane, and obviously fake.


The one above would certainly be hard to get used to, where the hell is the Start Menu?  Instead everybody is going to be clicking on a clock all the time.  At least the one below looks nicer, but is still obviously fake, why would Microsoft put the Start button in the middle of the Taskbar, that just makes it harder to click on as you actually have to aim the mouse more carefully instead of just quickly moving it down to the bottom-left of the screen like you do at the moment.  Virtual desktops is a nice addition - but I don't see Microsoft bundling this power toy in with Windows itself anytime soon.


The truth of the matter is Windows 7 won't look much different than Windows Vista, it certainly won't totally change the way users operate a computer like some of these screenshots seem to show. The build numbers also make it clear these are fake, Windows 7 will be higher than 6001.