Now before I start off I'd just like to say I'm sure nVidia will of ironed out most of their problems in the next few months. So for most people this isn't for technical reasons, I recommend ditching them because of their attitude throughout the beta process.

I'm absolutely fed up with nVidia's drivers for Windows Vista. In all honestly they just don't seem to improve at all. My Tablet with a GeForce 5200 doesn't wake from sleep using nVidia's drivers.

Every time nVidia release a new version I go and check them out, and they get even worse, with each release. Now screen corruption, even on the desktop, can be added to the list of things they've somehow broken.

I have to go back to the Windows XP drivers just to make the system function correctly. Windows Vista is going to be finished in just a few days nVidia, seriously, what the hell do you think you're playing at?

Speaking of playing things, there have been hundreds of posts on Microsoft's public Vista newsgroups about games not working, with things like screen corruption, crashing and other weird behaviour which can usually be associated with video drivers. Yeah you guessed it, they're all using nVidia graphics cards.

There's one guy saying that Battlefield 2142 doesn't work properly and the screen is corrupted. Somebody replies saying there's a bug with full screen mode. That's funny; I use Battlefield 2142 on the same build as this guy and have no problems.

Guess what the difference is? He's got an nVidia card, I've got an ATI card, in fact for as long as I've been using Vista I haven't had any problems with games in my machines, well other than the one with the GeForce.

So because of nVidia's shockingly poor drivers throughout the Windows Vista beta and RC stages I hope their market share suffers, they certainly shouldn't gain if people knew how buggy their software has been and how much crap beta testers, and later the public have had to put up with.