The Mexican government has the nerve to demand that "protesters" in the southern city of Oaxaca lift barricades and end their occupation of the city.

Sorry to the un-elected bourgeois government, but the city of Oaxaca is under the control of the people, it has been since June and it will continue.

Some parts from the BBC article:

The demand came as hundreds of federal police sent by President Vincente Fox were seen arriving in the city.

Three people including a US journalist died in clashes between masked gunmen and leftist protesters on Friday.

Yes, the government can try and send in the thugs to attack the people; they'll lose (again).

The demonstrators are seeking to oust Governor Ulises Ruiz, whom they accuse of abuse of power.

The People's Popular Assembly, the only legitimate organ of power in Oaxaca, has decided that the former governor is no longer the governor and is banned from the state.

An interior ministry statement called for "the immediate handover of the streets, plazas, public buildings and private property".

Sorry but no, the government should resign and a Mexican Socialist Republic should be declared.

Thousands of schools have been closed since the strike began in May, leaving 1.3 million children out of school.

The teachers staged the walk-out, demanding higher pay and better working conditions.

After police attacked one of their demonstrations in June, they extended their demands to include a call for the resignation of Gov Ruiz. The teachers were joined in their protest by left-wing groups.

More information in the revolutionary movement in Mexico can be found here.