Google News reports over 200 stories related to the announcement of Windows Vista (formally codenamed "Longhorn"). I've only read a couple of things but as per usual when it comes to Microsoft the BBC has it wrong.

BBC News:

But to meet the autumn 2006 deadline, Vista will be launched with some key components missing. Once they have been released - probably in the form of so-called service packs - the operating system will have a much-improved filing system, a new way to render graphics and much higher internet connectivity.

Do people actually research anything?

"Much-improved filing system" Yup, we'll assume you mean WinFS, sure WinFS isn't in it, but will follow shortly. WinFS isn't a filing system, it's an API layer, Vista has vastly improved organisation and search features, that match what Microsoft promised from the consumer's point of view.

"New way to render graphics" Avalon is in Vista. Are people just plain stupid, Microsoft announce they'll ship Avalon for Windows XP, and people assume it's not in Vista anymore? WTF?

"Higher internet connectivity" I assume they mean Indigo, Indigo is in Vista, it's nearly finished now, and like Avalon will be available for Windows XP.