The prison workers are today out on strike. Most of the press are blasting the strike action as being illegal, and will cause chaos in the prison system.

Why are the prison workers on strike? Because 9 out of 10 members of the Prison Officers Association voted to strike, they're being run into the ground like so many other public service workers, privatisation looms on the horizon, this year they were given a pitiful 1.5% pay rise in April, and are due to get 1% in October. This is utterly pathetic, this is the fifth year running they've had a pay cut, due to below inflation pay "rises".

All the Tory press can say is its illegal and the government is taking the Prison Officers Association to court over its illegal action. Let's not forget why it's illegal. It's illegal because the Tory government made it illegal in 1993. So forgive me if I consider such laws to be oppressive and worthy of being thrown out onto the scrap heap of bourgeois reaction. Labour's 12 month notice is a joke.

The way they are being treated by this so called Labour government is disgusting.