Check out this nonsense. Only Gutmann comes close to spreading this number of lies and FUD.

Upgrading to Windows Vista has been banned by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), technology giant Texas Instruments and other corporations and government agencies

False. They said they would not be upgrading to Windows Vista for X number of months. I notice you used and underlined the word banned, indicating to me that you're lying.

Small business and consumer demand for computers with Windows XP is very high, but Microsoft has moved swiftly to make sure they can't get it. No sane person wants Vista, so Microsoft is making sure they have no choice.

Windows XP is still available in OEM channels and retail, it is also available from most PC manufacterers as an option. So that is wrong, did you just make that up or are you getting that from an even more nutty source?

A confusing new user interface. Vista actually reduces user productivity according to a consulting firm's study

They're not a Linux firm like you then are they?

Blamed for so many security problems, Microsoft has placed security responsibility right where it doesn't belong, squarely on the shoulders of the average user. Confusing security pop-up dialogs are so common users get used to just hitting "Yes" automatically to everything, including malware.

Which "yes" dialogs would those be? If you even bothered to use Windows Vista you'll see they're labeled Continue or Cancel. This brings it into line with elevating like on Linux (which you don't moan about I see) and Mac OS, and others.

Most existing software is not compatible with Vista. You will have to purchase upgrades to almost all the software you run and many programs will never be upgraded to Vista.

False. I have yet to come across software which doesn't work with Windows Vista, in fact I put out a request for software which won't work so I could do a tutorial video on troubleshooting these issues. Most software, come on get real.

It's an exercise in frustration to try to upgrade an XP computer to Vista. Few Vista drivers are available except for new devices designed for Vista, and manufacturers don't plan any.

Two and a half million drivers, yeah nothing has any drivers, right.

Developing Vista drivers and getting them approved by Microsoft is just too expensive.

Drivers don't need to be approved by Microsoft, they don't need to be signed by Microsoft. On 64-bit they need to have a certificate which can be obtained from any number of 3rd party providers, this is no different than how SSL certificates are obtained for websites.

Vista is effectively a Windows price increase.

False, even Windows Vista Ultimate is cheaper than Windows XP Professional. See here. In short Windows Vista Ultimate: £123.36, Windows XP Pro £123.73 and Windows 2000 £124.55.

Vista Activation, should it fail or be aborted, phones home to Microsoft with enough details to identify your computer and possibly your location

Your own websites can "possibly" get somebody's location from an IP address. Activation generates a key from the hardware in the machine, but this cannot be reversed to identify the computer. Nothing but scare mongering. Microsoft of course operate websites and no doubt record the IP addresses of everybody visiting the website, like every other website on the internet, they have the same ability to get your location as anybody else. Getting the country isn't always reliable and getting the city is a good result, that's as far as anybody can get without getting the police and your ISP involved.

Windows Update is now mandatory.

False. Windows Update can be turned off. If you bothered to look in the Control Panel you'd see the same options as Windows XP SP2 on how Windows Update works.

Their most basic mistake is "one size fits all", holding that an entertainment device is equally suited for business.

What the hell are you smoking? There are six SKUs of Windows Vista, Business for example, doesn't have all the entertainment stuff.

He then goes on to ask... What should you do? I'll tell you what people need to do, drive this FUD spreader out of town.