Steve Abrams.
John Bacon.
Kathy Martin.
Connie Morris.
Iris Van Meter.
Ken Willard.


Crimes against humanity.

Redefining science to include the super-natural is not acceptable, the super-natural leaves no evidence, science is as of which unable to prove any super-natural activity (because it doesn't exist). You will not teach religious ideology in school, especially in science class one of the most important lessons for children. You are damaging the future of the human race.


All collages in the US to make a public announcement within the next few days stating they will not accept children taught under this new regime into any biology classes until science is re-established and religion has been taken back inside the Church.

All people in Kansas to ensure they do not vote people suffering from delusion into positions of power again, they've screwed up big time twice, if they do it again - look out.

All Christian fundamentalists who continue this should be refused access to all medications - medications are a product of evolutionary theory, all of modern biology is based upon evolution. If they don't believe in evolution - they may pray to god when they are sick. If they make further attacks into other areas of science they should be refused access to all products science has brought us, the whole modern world basically. They may return to their caves somewhere.